Class of 1984 is dedicated to giving 110% on stage. Their live show is full of energy and they work hard to make sure everyone has a good time.

If you want to book Class of 1984 in your city, please email and they’ll get back to you shortly with availability, performance fee, and rider information. Please provide as much detail as possible.

5 Responses to Booking

  1. Jay bender says:

    I am trying to put a show on here in Nanaimo with the Japan droids at the queens at some point here soon.isaw you guys play with the swingin utters and you guys fucking killed it.let me know what it would take too make this happen

  2. JAY BENDER says:

    Hey I was talking to nyou before about putting a show with you guys in Nanaimo.If your intrested I can book a show at the cambie for Friday April 26 at the Cambie.You would headline the show.I’m also hopefully getting my friends band unlabled too play a reunion show and the S.L.A.G.S.It’s also Nikki Hypes bday that day that books most of the shows their soo I think we’d get a good turn out.This is the deal with the door Cambie bands usually play for door money,guarantees can possibly be worked out.At the end of the night,12 percent hst is taken off door revenue.If a band is given a guarantee,they will generally not recieve any door revenue depending on the deal.The remaining bands will split the door money.

    if revenue is more than $500 ,than $100 is taken off for the sound technician.If less than $500 is made the Cambie foots the bill.Each band member recieves 4 single drinks discounted at 30 percent .they can give you a room at the hostile for no extra charge.(1 set of keys at no charge $10 deposit for extra sets).If bands stay at the cambie they will be paid in the morning upon check out of inspectionof the room for damage.I can help with promotion obviously u guys wont be able too do much from Vic.I do a radio show once a week on 101.7fm and promote most of the hip hop shows in Nanaimo.I just put on my first hip hop show at the Spice lounge called these arnt the droids your looking for with all local turntabilists and sold it out..Ive been promoting shows for a year and I think we could pack the place pretty good and prob charge $10 a ticket.Let me know what you think.This is the best spot for punk rock shows in Nanaimo by far we also got nomeansno coming up.PEACE OUT JAY BENDER

  3. Steve Thompson says:

    If your band or contributing writer or writers of the group needs any administrative work done .
    We are in east van . Dead Level /Dead Straight Music Publishing .
    We have worked on so many of the bills your on for other bands and artists. This is why I Steve Thompson agent /administrator needed to touch base about SOCAN paperwork that leads to factor paperwork or Canada council or Canadian heritage .

    If this stuff means anything and you guys are not apart of a major Lable ! We want to help !
    We are presently working on the Casualties /Dayglo Canadian tour for Murray Acton as we speak as an example . We do Dayglo’s SOCAN stuff.

    If and when your in East Van next time . If you want to meet please let me know. Hope it’s ok to email like this .

    Steve Thompson
    Administrator /Agent
    Music Publishing

  4. Lucas says:

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