Class of 1984 is:

Jono Jak – Guitar

Jake Warren – Vocals

Devon O’Brien – Drums

Mike McKinnon – Bass

Matty Fiish – Guitar

The Vancouver Island punk and hardcore scene has been thriving for many years. Bands come and go, but the band members sometimes stay the same. This is the case with Class of 1984.

The current line up of Class of 1984, includes members of ’90’s Victoria, BC punk bands, Breach, and tim., and many others.¬†All members punked their asses off from the 90s to the present, releasing a few albums and touring all over the place. They have shared the stage with some amazing bands like Bad Religion, Face to Face, and many, many more.

Class of 1984 is bringing back the sound and feel of the old skate punk scene. Yeah, we sing about skateboarding, but it’s the music that makes you want to jump on your board and bomb some hills, or carve some pools.

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